Our vision has a multifaceted approach, by utilizing our network of resources that had
its beginning within Special Operations Forces and Defense Industry communities, and has now branched out into the entire veterans community, we will expand our support within the US corporate community and provide highly specialized, funded programs to continually address the problems the veterans community faces on a day-to-day basis.


“We are our brother’s keeper.” Special Operations Charities Network (SOCN) will never leave another veteran or their family behind!

In 2015, we started within the Special Operations Forces community, Now we Serve and Empower all Veterans, by strengthening our Warriors and their families through financial relief and project-based assistance specifically addressing the ongoing battles with Post Traumatic Stress, and Post Traumatic Stress Illnesses, & Disorders, Veteran Suicide Awareness, and Veteran Homelessness that our countries Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines and their families deal with all too often.

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How We Help


Every day we connect our SOF elite warriors and their loved ones with resources and support to manage and confront the issues they may have and find solutions for improving their lives. Come join us on FB whether your in need or can be of service. All are welcome. SOCN proudly represents all branches of service.


We work with Warriors to connect them with professionals in field of interest to help transitioning Warriors be successful and thrive in the Civilian world. Learn more about possibilities here.


SOCN believes a team approach has always been the most effective to any resolution. As such we directly fund and support nonprofits that are proven to be directly in the forefront of the firefight. Learn more about where our funds go here.


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