Package #4 – SOCN Combination Hunting Package this one on us!!

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  • Otte Gear - Patrol Parka
  • Spectre target knockover_thumb 1
  • Spectre target pepper_popper_thumb2
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  • Surefire e2t-mv-tactician-angle-lanyard
  • Voodoo tactical Gun bag

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  1. This package allows the wining bidder to go to the Surgeon Rifle Custom Shop and personally build their own custom rifle in Short Action Caliber of their choice for the Scalpel Custom Rifle, with the help of the custom shop gunsmiths; a truly unique experience to build your own rifle on one of the world’s best rifle platforms available, MSRP: approx. $6500.00
  2. Rock Island Armory Over & Under Plus 1 12 Ga. Shotgun, MSRP: $1832.00
  3. Primary Arms Precision Rifle Optic, 4 x 14, Illum. Reticle, FFP; 30mm Primary Arms Scope Rings, MSRP: $350.00
  4. Krudo Knives KARSINO10 Custom Folder, MSRP: $165.00
  5. Otte Gear Patrol Parka, choice of color, MSRP: $495.00
  6. Surefire Tactician 5/800 Lumen Dual Beam Hand-Held Light, MSRP $149.00
  7. Peltor Electronic Ear Pro, MSRP: $150.00
  8. Specter Target $100 Steel Target Certificate
  9. Voodoo Tactical Long Rifle soft case, MSRP: $150.00
  10. Armscor 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo, MSRP: $250.00
  11. Premium Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitter- provided by Int’l Trophy Outfitters: This includes a single night trip and guide for hog hunting on over 5000 acres of private land, lodging, home cooked lunch and dinner, use of semi-auto firearms, equipped with thermal imaging pulsar scopes, in either .223 or .308 caliber- ammunition provided, Value: $400.00 (winning bidder may purchase additional nights and can bring additional hunters for $400 per person per night, up to 4 hunters recommended)


TOTAL PKG VALUE: $10550.00