In September of 2014 Richard Marcinko with his Rogue Warrior Championship team Howard Petschler and Paul Smith, joined Douglas Scott to formulate a business model and execution strategy bringing WAN’s original concept to the next level. Key members of WAN’s founding team and 2014 Board of Directors, Gene Powell and Rodney Cox eagerly joined forces with the new team to help. Generous patriots and WAN donors Debbie Lane and Trey Trosclair immediately accepted invitations to join the founders of the new organization.

With the WAN founders’ and the Rogue team’s proven track record developing and executing on fund raising activities, Debbie and Trey’s extensive network and media savvy, the new entity was formed. Randy Kamay joined forces bringing his world- class fund-raising ability, followed by ‘Ranger Hall of Fame’s’ Gary O’Neal and Rock and Roll legend Ted Nugent. The name “Special Operations Charity Network”, reflecting the broad partnership concept and service orientation, was favored among the core WAN founders and was unanimously voted by the new Board of Directors.

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700 Foothill drive
Anchorage, AK 99504
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